The Medium is the Message II: The Logic of Digital Production and the Network Economy

Similarly to last week, this week in BCM112 we talked about the medium being the message, however, we dove deeper in digital production and the economic network this week. One thing we learned was the difference between legacy and emergent media. Legacy media, such as books and newspapers is part of the industrial paradigm whichContinue reading “The Medium is the Message II: The Logic of Digital Production and the Network Economy”

Visual Storytelling

In this week lecture we covered visual storytelling. Visual storytelling is the use of graphics, videos and images to convey meaning and spark emotions in viewers. One aspect of visual storytelling is visual language. This can be broken into three categories: Image Subject Perspective Composition Colour Light Size Distance Intensity Colour Continuity Movement Diegesis EditingContinue reading “Visual Storytelling”

The Medium is the Message I: The Internet Paradigm

In BCM112 this week, we unpacked the idea of the medium being the message. Before this lecture I always had the opinion that the medium had little value in the portrayal of the message and was more of a channel for the message. This assumption was completely flipped however when Marshall McLuhan‘s the medium isContinue reading “The Medium is the Message I: The Internet Paradigm”

The Birth of Cinema

In this weeks BCM115 class, we explored the basics of cinema and photography. The lecture this week focused on five main points: framing space, framing movement, continuity editing, the Soviet Montage Theory and diegetic space. Framing Space Framing space refers to the techniques used to frame space pictorially. During the time of the Lumiere brothersContinue reading “The Birth of Cinema”

Introduction to Screen Media

This week in BCM115 we were introduced to the fundamentals of screen media. The Lumiere Brothers were one of the first to capture film with their invention of the Cinematograph. They used this machine to produce many “locked view” films that were created by keeping the camera perfectly still on a tripod so as toContinue reading “Introduction to Screen Media”

From Cameraman to Founder of the Illawarra Convoy: A Journey

As a sixteen-year-old fresh out of high school, Marty Haynes knew only one thing, his passion was to be a cameraman. Little did he know, he was going to achieve so much more.  “I met a little boy called Ryan Scanners who had cancer and Ryan had a love of motorbikes and trucks. That’s howContinue reading “From Cameraman to Founder of the Illawarra Convoy: A Journey”

Police shut down Wollongong protest due to COVID-19 related health risks.

A second Black Lives Matter rally in Wollongong was carefully dispersed by police after just thirty minutes of its commencement. The police began ordering people to leave the grounds of McCabe Park soon after 1:30pm despite the organisers plans to run the event for a further 90 minutes. At least fifty police arrived on sightContinue reading “Police shut down Wollongong protest due to COVID-19 related health risks.”

Breaking:Wollongong Black Lives Matter protest to go ahead.

Despite court allegations, a second Black Lives Matter protest is set to go ahead in Wollongong today. The protest is scheduled for 1pm in McCabe Park, upon stolen Yuin and Dharawal land. The first protest was held at the Crown Street Mall amphitheatre with over 3000 attendees. Although people took precautions during the protest toContinue reading “Breaking:Wollongong Black Lives Matter protest to go ahead.”