Local Support for Small Businesses Increases in Wollongong

Small businesses in Wollongong are seeing immense support from locals during the coronavirus pandemic. The community is purchasing produce from cafes and restaurants even more now than pre pandemic. Wollongong has been hit relatively moderately with coronavirus with no recorded deaths. As of the 6 of April, 114 people in the Illawarra were diagnosed withContinue reading “Local Support for Small Businesses Increases in Wollongong”

Analytics and Network Analysis: #stayathome

Introduction The hashtag stayathome has become increasingly popular since the commencement of coronavirus. The hashtag first appeared on Instagram on the 5th of June 2019. Today, it is constantly being used on numerous social media platforms, typically promoting staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. The main hypothesis of this report is, that the engagement andContinue reading “Analytics and Network Analysis: #stayathome”

Free Speech Versus Hate Speech: Racial Discrimination Act

Intro The freedom to express our thoughts and opinions is something that we all take advantage of. Individuals post their thoughts and opinions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and personal blogs for anyone to view. For some Australians, such as journalists, the fine line between free speech and hate speech is a reoccurring issue. Freedom ofContinue reading “Free Speech Versus Hate Speech: Racial Discrimination Act”

Audiences, Representation and Industry in practice: Fan Studies

I don’t know much about being part of a fandom. According to Kent, M (2006), a fandom can be defined as “a collective term for all the fans that devote parts of their lives to following or admiring a particular person, group, or team”. Learning about the details of fan studies in this weeks BCM110Continue reading “Audiences, Representation and Industry in practice: Fan Studies”

Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons (CC) is an organisation that promotes the use of the Creative Commons copyright licensing, a license that allows the use and transformation of materials that is released under it. The degree of which it can be used is determined by the type of Creative Commons, ranging from complete transformationContinue reading “Creative Commons”


In our week two BCM110 lecture and tutorial, we focused on media audiences and how they have developed within the last century. We also touched on what it means to be an active audience. Discussing this topic reminded me of my favourite memory of when I was part of an audience. In Launceston, the townContinue reading “Audiences”

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