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Middle-aged Marathon

What’s Hidden? Age can be like a monster breathing down the neck of the middle aged, an inescapable occurrence. For people who have hit middle age, things can begin to change as activities that used to be easy become difficult. Muscles get tighter, metabolism changes, and the body can become weaker. Maintaining fitness is oneContinue reading “Middle-aged Marathon”

Through Pain Comes Perspective I interviewed my mum, Sue, for this assignment as she unexpectedly contracted Sepsis about seven years ago. Although I was young at the time, it was one of the toughest things my family and I ever went through. I have always distinctly remembered how my mum’s perspective on life changed after almost losing herContinue reading “Through Pain Comes Perspective”

Police shut down Wollongong protest due to COVID-19 related health risks.

A second Black Lives Matter rally in Wollongong was carefully dispersed by police after just thirty minutes of its commencement. The police began ordering people to leave the grounds of McCabe Park soon after 1:30pm despite the organisers plans to run the event for a further 90 minutes. At least fifty police arrived on sightContinue reading “Police shut down Wollongong protest due to COVID-19 related health risks.”

Breaking:Wollongong Black Lives Matter protest to go ahead.

Despite court allegations, a second Black Lives Matter protest is set to go ahead in Wollongong today. The protest is scheduled for 1pm in McCabe Park, upon stolen Yuin and Dharawal land. The first protest was held at the Crown Street Mall amphitheatre with over 3000 attendees. Although people took precautions during the protest toContinue reading “Breaking:Wollongong Black Lives Matter protest to go ahead.”

Explainer: The Evolution of the Reporting of Breaking News: The Black Rights Movement

Intro The current Black Rights Matter protests were provoked by the injustice of black people being killed and treated unfairly, specifically by police officers. The tipping point and start of this movement was largely based on the recent death of George Floyd, choked to death by a policeman for allegedly trying to use a fakeContinue reading “Explainer: The Evolution of the Reporting of Breaking News: The Black Rights Movement”

Local Support for Small Businesses Increases in Wollongong

Small businesses in Wollongong are seeing immense support from locals during the coronavirus pandemic. The community is purchasing produce from cafes and restaurants even more now than pre pandemic. Wollongong has been hit relatively moderately with coronavirus with no recorded deaths. As of the 6 of April, 114 people in the Illawarra were diagnosed withContinue reading “Local Support for Small Businesses Increases in Wollongong”

Analytics and Network Analysis: #stayathome

Introduction The hashtag stayathome has become increasingly popular since the commencement of coronavirus. The hashtag first appeared on Instagram on the 5th of June 2019. Today, it is constantly being used on numerous social media platforms, typically promoting staying home during the coronavirus pandemic. The main hypothesis of this report is, that the engagement andContinue reading “Analytics and Network Analysis: #stayathome”

Free Speech Versus Hate Speech: Racial Discrimination Act

Intro The freedom to express our thoughts and opinions is something that we all take advantage of. Individuals post their thoughts and opinions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and personal blogs for anyone to view. For some Australians, such as journalists, the fine line between free speech and hate speech is a reoccurring issue. Freedom ofContinue reading “Free Speech Versus Hate Speech: Racial Discrimination Act”


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